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Santonu Dhar

Santonu Dhar, also known as Santonu Kumar Dhar is an author and entrepreneur. He is also a fellow in Chartered Management Institute of UK.

Santonu Dhar is an entrepreneur and novelist. He was born on 28 March, 1986 to a Bengali Hindu family in Cumilla, Bangladesh. Ratan Ranjan Dhar, his father, is a businessman, while Mita, his mother, is a housewife. He holds a Level 7 qualification of Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK and has been a Fellow of the institute since October 2018. He had a desire of creating stories that readers would fall in love with since he was a child, but he had to put his dream on hold in order to focus on his studies and job. Finally, in 2012, he was able to put pen to paper with the publication of his first novel, Life Of Love, which was originally published in 2013. He writes novels with themes that include love, tragedy and fate.

Santonu Dhar is the Chairman and CEO of Technosmith Limited, a software firm.

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Life of Love is Santonu Kumar Dhar’s debut romance novel that follows John and Sarah as they navigate love’s sometimes rocky path, overcome obstacles in their relationship, and eventually understand what it means to be loved.

The Effort

Santonu Kumar Dhar’s novel The Effort tells the narrative of a young boy from Calcutta, India, who was left with the tough responsibility of caring for his unwell father barely years after his mother died.

 “Success comes only through strong will, determination and effort.”

Santonu Kumar Dhar The Effort

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Short film

Woh Ek Din

Raju came to Mumbai chasing a dream of becoming an actor in Bollywood film industry. Sadly he was not able to get any role in films and chose driving an auto-rickshaw to survive. One day, he finds one of his passengers to be no ordinary girl. Sharing the day with her leads him to realize that he left behind responsibilities which he can’t avoid.

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About Santonu Dhar

Santonu Dhar is an author and entrepreneur. Email: [email protected]